October 15, 2012

Anonymous asked: Your URL should be wonderwhore.

Goddamit I am trying to mostly quit the internet but how can I stay away when there’s such beauty in my inbox???

a) this is actually really good timing because I’ve been thinking of changing my url and I thiiiiink this is a pretty good possibility!!

b) my ip tracker says you’re from Newark - we should hang out!!

c) I just want to share the shirt I was wearing today:


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September 30, 2012

Anonymous asked: you can touch me tonight if you want....;]

Goddammit. Listen if this is anybody but K. Michael I am going to flip a shit.

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September 17, 2012

Anonymous asked: long distance relationship?

haaaaaaa ha ha ha   hah

ahah ha 



September 5, 2012

Anonymous asked: are you into anal play or any other fetish type things?

I’m down with butt stuff, but that’s out of like general body appreciation as opposed to an actual butt fetish. I’m actually not really fetishy about anything but rough sex is nice and HEY TUMBLR you know what’s actually kinda cool and hot the answer is “gagging each other with your fingers” so why don’t you try that sometime okay peace out <3333333

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August 18, 2012

Anonymous asked: you are silly, funny and cute. I guess


Excuse me?

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August 6, 2012

Anonymous asked: Can you actually use period blood to fertilize plants??!!

Yes I have heard that this is a thing!

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July 30, 2012

Anonymous asked: Where's the party boob doodles? Hope we get to see them soon :)

All of this is riding on my boy nobodypanicok who for some reason is CRUELLY WITHHOLDING THE PARTY DOODLES FROM US.

Let’s get this done bby.


July 22, 2012

Anonymous asked: if you don't cry at the season 2 finale you are soulless.

Oh boy oh goody I am really looking forward to this.

July 9, 2012

Anonymous asked: Do you know anything about foreskin? I know he has one, and I'm okay with that, fuck I'm gagging for it actually, but I'm afraid of how much more sensitive things will be? Do you know anything on this subject?

One of the first guys I ever got really down with was uncircumcised!! And that was really nice but sadly I was a wee sex baby so I didn’t really note a lot of differences or important details so I’m no expert but the biggest thing I ever really got from it was that he seemed to be more sensitive to the good stuff than other men I’ve been with but “too sensitive” was never an issue and also handjobs were way easier and I’ve been spoiled for life regarding handjobs thanks to him.

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July 9, 2012

Anonymous asked: I think it's great that people ask you for sex advice. You're very good at giving it!

Oh my god this is only my dream. I have given too many sleepover demonstrations of pillow-humping pantomimes to wide-eyed hometown friends in pursuit of this exact message. Thanks!

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