February 27, 2013

It is a serious thing that I leave my boyfriend and head home and expect to be so sad but instead Michael texts me to say “Hey I asked Adam if I can borrow his car to pick you up - what time does your bus get in?” and Sara is cooking when we walk in the door and we get ready to go out together and I borrow her pants while we get ready to go out together and she listens to everything that’s happening in my family because she is one of three people that knows how to say “this fucking sucks, and you need to get out of it” when there’s nothing else and Neil comes home and I unexpectedly cry a little bit because coming home to Neil always feels so tender and special to me because we have felt things together that other people have not experienced and what I mean by this whole thing is that one time my boyfriend said “Your friendships are all so sweet and full of love” and you know what he was fucking right.

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