May 17, 2012

There is nothing interesting in this video but I’m posting it anyway because for the past few months I’ve been playing a game called “how much can I record Taylor living candidly without him realizing I’m doing it until he sees it on the internet” and I’m WINNING SO GOOD RIGHT NOW.

Also fun fact: watching Taylor be a herpetology expert during one of our very first study sessions was the last straw in me deciding that the whole joke about me wanting to see him naked was no longer a joke. Kid’s got mad wildlife brains.

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  1. then-burn-the-ashes said: I learned so much about feeding habits AND about what I will watch on tumblr when I am trying to avoid going and making food.
  2. blahstuff said: stop trying to asymmetrically suction feed! It’s creepy
  3. corona--graminea said: There are different accounts, but most people say that personification deals with inanimate objects and anthropomorphism deals with animals
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